We are now POST CERTIFIED to provide FREE CP21

(Community Policing in the 21st Century to Reduce Conflict)
Procedural Justice training to law enforcement agencies across the state of California (some rules apply).

Read our latest article detailing our successful effort to unite law enforcement and the public through education

“E + R = O” Event + Reaction = Outcome

WYSM Participants and Supporters Wear Our WYSM “Reminder Bands” to remind us that A Positive REACTION To Any EVENT Will Produce a Positive OUTCOME (find out how you can get your “Reminder Band”)
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WYSM is proud to have trained numerous law enforcement organizations including Alhambra PD, Austin (TX) PD, California Highway Patrol, CDCR Chattanooga (TN), Costa Mesa PD, Garfield (NJ) PD, Las Vegas (NV) Metro PD, Long Beach PD, Montebello PD, Monterey Co. Probation, Monterey Co. Sheriff, North Little Rock (AR) PD, Sacramento Co. Sheriff, Salinas PD, Signal Hill PD, and Tustin PD.

Why do we need “Why’d You Stop Me?”

There is a violent confrontation between the police and a community member EVERY hour in our country, and this violence often stems from a lack of understanding and mistrust for the police. It is crucial that we educate our future leaders in the community about policing in order to promote positive interactions between community members and the police. Long Beach police officer, Jason Lehman, created this unique program to increase transparency in policing in an effort to eliminate these acts of violence.

Who is WYSM’s target audience?

WYSM targets numerous audiences including high school and college students, police academies, community and neighborhood groups, civic leaders, and law enforcement personnel. Since inception, the WYSM program has been successfully presented to students at the MALE Academy, Beach and Will J. Reid Continuation High Schools, Long Beach City College, Long Beach G.R.I.P (Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention) as well as the Long Beach Police Department.

How is the WYSM message delivered?

The program is presented over one, two, or three sessions. WYSM brings participants into the shoes of the police officer in order to understand the struggle with power and fear that our officers encounter. The program also incorporates an anti-gang and anti-narcotics message from a male African-American ex-gang member and female Hispanic recovered drug addict. The dynamic speakers’ messages coupled with audience-involved and scenario-based training, creates an increased understanding by the audience, thus creating trust and respect for policing.

Who in our Community Endorses WYSM?

Diana Craighead, Long Beach Unified School District Board of Directors President
Doug Haubert, Long Beach City Prosecutor
Long Beach Police Officers Association
For more information on the WYSM program, please contact us at info@wysm.org.

What others are saying

“I used to hate you, but now, now I just wanna be like you.”

Jasmine Simpson,16 year old, WYSM participant

“WYSM is one of the most empowering and life saving presentations I have ever experienced.”

Doug Haubert, Long Beach City Prosecutor

“I enjoyed so many aspects of your presentations from gangster terms coming from a 'White' police officer, to the seriousness of officers trying to make it home safe to their families.”

Gary Lawson, Police Detective, Long Beach Police Department

“This presentation left me spellbound. After experiencing WYSM, participants might ask, "Why'd You Stop Me?" but they will ask with a different frame of mind.”

Claudette Powers, Community Champion, WYSM Board Member Emeritus

“Jason's ability to captivate his audience is second to none.”

Terence Noonan, Emmy Award winning television producer

“I run the streets late, talk back, and get kicked out of Schools. But Team WYSM touched me deep down to where it opened my eyes and made me want to change my ways.”

A'zaia Brent, 17 years old, WYSM participant

“I've seen a lot of presentations and television shows, but WYSM is the first presentation that has made me want to break the cycle.”

Elycia Montana, 17 year old WYSM participant

“Had "Why'd You Stop Me?" been around when I was growing up in Long Beach, some of my friends would have had the tools they needed to make better life decisions.”

Jason Bell, Retired NFL athlete and graduate of Long Beach Millikan High School

Jason's program is so powerful that it has the ability to not only change his community, but communities all over the world.

Georgia May Jagger, International Supermodel

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