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He is responsible for creating and delivering the program’s content.
Jason also maintains relationships with community members, law enforcement officials, and community-based organizations in order to spread the WYSM message.Jason graduated from the University of South Florida with bachelor degrees in both Interpersonal Communication and Criminology. After graduation, Jason worked on the transport ambulance for the LA County Fire Department as an EMT and coached football at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach. He is currently employed as a police officer for the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) where he has
worked since 2006. He works for a “directed enforcement team” that specializes in gang and violent crime suppression in the highest crime areas in the city. Jason teaches at the Long Beach Police Academy
and is also a court-qualified expert on gangs and narcotics.He is actively involved in philanthropy through a variety of charitable organizations. Jason was inspired to create WYSM in 2011 when he was asked to speak to a group of inner-city youths who were plotting to kill police officers. He quickly realized that some members of the community had a limited understanding of the role of law enforcement thereby creating a distrust in policing. Jason believes that WYSM will increase transparency in policing through education, counseling,
and mentoring. He has a dream that WYSM’s message will one day eliminate acts of violence between community members and the police officers who serve them.

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